Castaway Play

Adventure Awaits!



    Some of the Features
    • Bring your new best friend to life in the Create-A-Pal Workshop at Castaway Play Café.
    • Pick out your favorite animal and with a little magic and help from a friendly Castaway employee, build your own stuffed animal.
    • You can even purchase special stuffed animal outfits for every occasion so that your new pal is truly unique and personalized.

      • Large Animal – $23
      • Large Animal w/Outfit – $32
      • Small Animal – $16
      • Small Animal w/Outfit – $23

      This is our second time to the Castaway Play Cafe (we visit while traveling and coming through town) and the place looks amazing after renovations! WOW! The new bounce area flooring is fantastic and the new shoe rack is AWESOME. Samantha was very helpful & friendly, and has done a wonder with the place. We will be back and we wish you continued success!!

      Kimberly N.

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